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One Wish is our new collaborative project.

We are creating a participatory virtual reality art project on the theme "One Wish". 


The goal is simple...

One wish from all over the world.


This will be a continuous participatory film project, the first of its kind within virtual reality, utilising 360-degree technologies.


So we need you...

1. Use a 360-degree camera to record your one wish. This can be individual, in a group, in a community, in a school, in a workplace. 

2. Film a couple of other 360-degree shots (1min) of where you are, show is your place, your location, your life. 

3. We really care about the power of sound  in art projects, so if you can record some natural sound in your environment, please send this as well. 


Please send this to: along with your names, locations, what camera you filmed on and your consent to use this in a wider art project. We will, of course, keep you updated of where the project goes. 

Thanks for joining the One Wish project!

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