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Sarah Jones

Sarah is an immersive storyteller, using 360 degree technology and virtual reality to bring together new forms of narrative. Sarah explores immersive experiential films as an art form to understand an environment and culture through being someone else in a virtual world. 

Sarah is listed as a global influencer in VR and co-founded VRGirlsUK. She has been described as a "virtual living pioneer" and a "virtual warrior adventurer" after spending 48 hours in VR, ending up wing walking whilst wearing a Gear VR. 

Steve Dawkins

Steve Dawkins is the Associate Head of the School of Media and Performing Arts at Coventry University. He previously managed the highly-successful Media Production degree course for nine years. His practice revolves around documentary/experimental documentary, both still and moving image, exploring senses of place and space.

Tom Williams

Tom Williams is a composer working in electroacoustic music and instrumental composition.

Over the last twenty years he has developed a large body of composition for both acoustic (vocal / instrumental / orchestral) and electroacoustic media (acousmatic / video / installation). When composing he enjoys the exploration of new sounds, new material; exploring and exploiting the tension between the visceral resonance and the compositional imperative.

Samuel Lardner

Samuel is a Video Editor and Videographer based in Coventry, UK. Nominated for awards including the Royal Television Society, Audfest, Frostbite International in Colorado and Los Angeles Cinefest for editing on short films, documentaries and other projects. Samuel is also a filmmaker, directing shorts and working internationally with other collaborators, the likes of Moonraven Films.

Bianca Wright

An award-winning technology journalist whose work has spanned consumer and trade magazines and websites in the US, the UK, Australia, South Africa and Europe, Bianca is passionate about investigating the possibilities, challenges and risks of new and emerging technologies including virtual reality and gaming. Bianca is currently Course Director for the BA Journalism course at Coventry University, where her academic research focuses on digital cultures. She holds a Masters in Science and Technology Journalism and a PhD in Media Studies focusing on gamification in serious games.

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